Sunday, October 10, 2010

Remember all that jewerly?

If I was super crafty and had unlimited amounts of free time, I would have sorted through it all and come up with tons of cool and trendy crafts in which to utilize it.

But, after finding lots of big clumps of tangled jewelry...

I folded just like a lawn chair.

I dumped it into Ziploc bags and sold it at my garage sale.

See this big ol' tangled mess?
Gone, I tell you, all gone!

I did end up making a bit o' moo-lah too, which I love!

These earring really cracked me up.

They reminded me of my hair in high school.

I took all the watches out and put them in a Ziploc too.

I sold the whole bag for $20.
Just so that you don't think that I am a total jewelry crafting dud...

I did keep some cool, vintage looking rhinestone studded pieces.

Cuz, I love me some bling.

And, someday, I might come up with a use for them.


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